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Message from God


Posted on 06.26.2009 at 19:26
Current Mood: cynicalcynical
You know... its really fucked up how corporate america loves you one minute and spits you out the next.
Thankfully I retained my severance package in the process, and until I receive that check I dont plan to let the cat out of the bag. However I think it is journal worthy to note the shadyness that I came from...

Keep in mind, my last day was scheduled to be 3 July... next Friday...

They couldnt find anything to pin on me work related, so they planted something to get me out the door sooner.
Apparently last wednesday... while I was home watching the kids... someone took it upon themselves to try sending a package of novelty items, using the company fedex account. This package included a massage book, some edible lace, some play powder, a massage book, a package of beginner's bondage equipment (pink) complete with flail, and the que de gras... a dildo (no batteries).

Now dont get me wrong... I'd peddle drugs. I'd peddle pills. I'd peddle pot. Yes I'd even consider peddling sex toys... but of a much higher quality than what was presented to me when they were firing me. The bondage kit was flimsy felt, with very loose straps. The flail was short and made of that thin rubber which doesn't carry any real weight to it. I'm sorry but if your going to peg me for something than at least put some EFFORT into it. And the most I've lost in the deal is a week's worth of pay.

So upon receipt of my final check, i plan to out the news to my whole (former) team... including pictures. I'm an evil bastard, oh yes I am.

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