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Posted on 03.28.2014 at 19:37
Current Location: Mine
Current Mood: Pensive
Current Music: Cruxshadows
Eyes on you every day. Can't break character. Love my life, but want always more. Will build castle over fortress. Miss my other half sometimes but it passes. Breaks help the ease of severing something from your soul. Have to look up at the light and hope its not over a firepit. More to be the straight and narrow for a little while, minor playtime and hope the wave sails true. Better this than the alternative, even knowing my fate was sealed in defilement. Only faith guides my good identity against the shadow worn ragged skeletons underneath the basement. Tread lightly sir for you have only cracked the surface. When the time comes are you going to be ready for the task? One task at a time, one goal to be reached, one fate guides us all. Must balance at all times.

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