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Posted on 06.21.2009 at 20:00
Current Mood: rushedrushed
Where do I begin? Ive been with that company for so long that the idea of leaving it scares the shyt out of me. 8 years of service. 8!!!
But as with any good airline, I have an option before me to shit or get off the pot. BA has decided to downsize (finally) from Jacksonville, which means that my department needs 3 less heads. I know for a fact my job is secure, because I have done nothing but bust my ass for that place for the last 4-5 years... but with the possibility of a severance package in front of me, it is ideal for me to consider the option of taking my long resume and walking. AND getting paid for it. Still being able to collect unemployment, and keep insurance on Nomie for a short while, I do have some options in front of me. Not many but a few. I've already started exploiting a contact with another avenue that could help me get something more permanent much quicker than if I chose to actually look on the job market. But I really really REALLY do not want to go to another call center and start over. I'd much rather consider taking some of my money and becoming a day trader. I know I could essentially work the forex market to my advantage if I put time and effort into it. And with no job to distract my time I'd be able to devote my time directly to the market which is so lucrative for those who can dedicate their income to it. I'm not stupid to believe that I have tons of disposable income to drop on the market, but I will have enough money to survive with the package so that I can do nothing but study and learn. Then the only problem I will have to face is insurance for Nomie. I'm not so worried about myself. I can get federal aid because of my condition, although it may not be entirely what I was hoping for. I also dont have to do much but monitor myself for the next few years, so if necessary I can take the insurance hit for the short term. I still have to consider the bills. Which now that ....

And thats as far as I got before I had to run off and do something else when i started this yesterday. Needless to say Ive been very busy, so posts are far and few between. :-D

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